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iMingle is an exciting, one-of-a-kind interactive experience that you and your guests will love! It brings the best features of a photo booth and guestbook together, and lets everyone connect through images like never before. With iMingle, you and your guests, young and old, will be able to take your own pictures, view real-time photos from your photographer and even write personal messages on images...all with the simple and elegant power of your fingertips!
In addition to being the leading draw-on-the screen open-face photo kiosk, guests are now able to select their background from a carefully curated collection of awesome images! New York City scenes, urban & graffiti scenes, travel, Hollywood and much more! Liven your photo by adding from a list of 50+ celebrities to pose with you! Popular prop signs (BFF, OMG, etc) are now digitized and can be imported and dragged right into the shot. Spice up the photo with digital hats, moustaches, hearts, and more. Add a nice finishing touch by signing your photo on the screen!
Choose any image taken from the iMingle, and instantly print a high-quality, high-resolution photo complete with your personalized messages! The full-color, 4x6 or 5x7 prints are an ideal gift or keepsake for your guests.

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