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Pokerun - Interactive Scavenger Hunt

1. Kids/guests register their name/ cell phone number on their phones as they enter.

2. At some point during the party, we start the POKERUN – digital Pokemon-inspired scavenger hunt.

3. A mass-text is sent out to all the registered guests, advising them the POKERUN has begun.

4. We will hide POKEMON stickers – POKESTOPS. A picture of a Pokemon is superimposed with a 4-digit secret code to be entered on their cell phone.

5. Each participant is presented with 4 POKEMONS and a clue where to find them. For example:

“Table 5 is ready to come alive! Dance to the beat then take a seat!" (Pokemon is hidden under a chair at table 5), or

“Be sure to take a good break and lounge around before your body aches.” (this sticker is hidden at a kids lounge), or

“This Pokemon wants a Sprite and promises he's not hungry for a bite!” (this Pokemon is at the kids’ bar) etc.

6. When all Pokemon codes are entered into the phone, the guest becomes a winner. He gets a SECRET POKEMON picture to present to the DJ/MC to get a prize!

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